Personal Tax Preparation

Tax time stress? We understand.

With the IRS constantly making changes to the tax code, rules and qualifications, it’s no wonder. And, this year, the typical American family could be looking at $2,000 in additional taxes – depending on congressional revisions to tax law hotly debated in Washington this election season.

But, we can help!

Our friendly, experienced specialists are here for you every step of the way, with personalized tax preparation services.

We can assure your tax compliance while minimizing your tax liability, and we stand behind our work. We will make sure that you receive the tax credits and deductions you deserve.

Will your current tax preparer stand with you if you are selected for an audit? Will they be prepared to answer any and all questions asked of you by the IRS? IRS representation and audit services are available for additional fees.

We will. We’re with you every step of the way.

At Valencia┬áTax Group, “personalized service” is more than some promotional slogan. We care about people, and we have a genuine interest in your success. Call today and talk to an interested, caring, professional tax strategy specialist.